Mouse Guard: Deposition

Awkward Dinner Party

Back at Rootwallow, Marbles gets into a change of clothes for dinner. Calip writes two notes: one to his parents, and another to Gwendolyn. This second note includes a detailed map of the seige camp’s location. As he is leaving, Calip decides to leave his hammer in the guest room, leaving him with only his shield.

At the banquet, the party meets with Adelei, her sister Daewn, and uncle Greyhame. Daewn explains that the family is truely modest and homely, but her brother Grummond,the village leader, likes to uphold the neicities of the village’s traditions.

Calip meets an old friend at the banquet named Caleb, who is in town on business. Since the mouse is headed back to Sprucetuck, Calip has him take the two letters. Caleb says he will drop off the official letter at Copperwood and deliver the personal one himself.

Grummond appears late and after a short and heated back and forth, he takes the party to a small library for a private discussion. He details why he is leading his village into a rebellion against Lockhaven’s Guard, and how his father was effectually killed for treating civilians durring the Winter War. His stated goal is to depose Content Not Found: gwendolyn, and it does not seem he is acting alone.


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